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SMS Points

Veculim makes use of SMS trigger points throughout the Job and Quoting process to determine when an SMS must be sent to the customer/assessor. To customize these SMS trigger points, go to the SMS points window from the Setup Tab of the Main window.

This window will allow you to add the defaults and customize the SMS Trigger Points for the SMS's sent from Veculim. 

You will be able to set the text used at each SMS trigger point, the level for that particular SMS trigger point and whether you would like that SMS at that trigger point used or not - all done through the Change button. If new trigger points are created in the future, these will be automatically added as they are used (defaulting to being used), or you can click the Add Defaults to add those new trigger points. 
The Add Defaults button will only add missing SMS Trigger Points to the list, ignoring those SMS Trigger Points that are already there.
The Delete button allows the SMS Trigger Point to be re-added with the default settings. If you don't want to use a SMS at that trigger point, un-check the Used check box in the Update SMS Points window.

Note on customizing text: Fixed (static) text must be enclosed in 'single quotes'. To include a variable (from a list of possibles) use the & sign between fixed text and the variable or between 2 variables.
Variables that are available for you to use are:

  • CompanyName
  • CompanyPhone
  • CurrentUser
  • Customer
  • EmailAddress
  • CompletionDate
  • CompletedDate
  • ExpectedCheckInDate
  • QuoteNumber
  • InvoiceNumber
  • OrderNumber
  • JobNumber
  • OrderETADate
  • RFCETADate
  • RFCNumber
  • RFCValue
  • ExcessValue
  • BettermentValue
  • SupplierName
  • QuoteFinalisedDate
  • Registration
  • ClaimNumber
  • RepairStation.

Valid: 'My fixed text' & CompanyName & ' to use'
Valid: CompanyName & ' to use' & Registration
Invalid (no closing quote): 'My fixed text' & CompanyName & ' to use
Invalid (invalid variable): 'My fixed text' & oCmpaynName & ' to use'
Invalid (invalid opening quote): 'CompanyName & ' to use' & Registration
Invalid (invalid closing quote): CompanyName & ' to use' & Registration'
If you change the text for a specific SMS it is very important that you test the text after changing it, to make sure that the text you have used will be valid. Simply click on the TEST button. This will display what the message will look like in the bottom field.
You can then verify that the text your are setting the particular SMS Trigger Point to use will be valid.
During the Quote (and Job) stage you can set the level that the Customer desires to receive the SMSes:
-All (this will send an SMS at all trigger points that are "Used" automatically)
-Never (this will not send any SMSes for this Quote/Job)
-Prompt (this will prompt at each SMS Trigger Point for confirmation on whether to send the SMS or not)
Depending then on what level (critical or not) and status (used or not) you set your SMS Trigger Points, as well as what you set each Quote/Job SMS level to be will determine which SMSes the Customer will receive.
We have created a short Training Video on how to set the SMS preference and also how to change the SMS default Points.

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