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Various clients request a quotation before proceeding with the job. Whether it be an Insurance, Broker or private customer, you can keep track of all your quotes in Veculim.  There are 2 ways (from Plus version up) of entering a quotation: either Import Quotes or manually entering the quote. The manual process is a simple step-by-step one that is made up of:

  1. Create Quotes and enter the items to be worked on (at this stage you don't need to enter prices - you can enter those once you have a list of all the parts required).
  2. Print and/or email the parts list to your supplier(s) for pricing.
  3. Enter the pricing (using the Change button).
  4. Finalise Quotes (once you have all the part prices entered) and print/email to the customer/assessor/insurer.
  5. Approve Quotes (once the customer/assessor/insurer has approved the quotation).
  6. Creating jobcards

Quotes can be generated, printed, finalized, approved, edited and analyzed by accessing the Quotes icon in the Work Menu. 

The first time you open the Browse Quotes window, the Legend for quotes window will be displayed. This legend indicates colours used for the status of a quotation.
This window can be set to display every time the Browse Quotes window opens or you can simply access this when needed by clicking on the What do the colours mean? button.


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