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Changing Report/Window Text

You can easily change (translate) any text on a window or report. For example, if you wanted to translate "Panel Beating" to ""Labour" on a  particular window's control text, then go to the window and Ctrl-F10 (hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the F10 key) to bring up the translation window. Find "Panel Beating" in the Original column and then enter "Labour" in either the Local Translation column (for just this window) or Global Translation column (to change "Panel Beating" to "Labour" throughout the application). 
NOTE: The "translation" from original text to translated text is an exact match. That means that if you just did the exact steps as described above, a window control with text "Panel Beating Hours" would NOT be translated to "Labour Hours". You would also need to repeat the step for "Panel Beating Hours" to "Labour Hours".
If you want to find all text in the application containing "Panel Beating" and translate it to "Labour", even if there is additional text before and/or after the "Panel Beating" text, then click the All Global button to bring up the Browse Global Translations window, and click the Bulk Change button.


To change text on a report (printout), you must first activated the "Pause Reports for Translation" setting in the Setup | Quote/Job Defaults | Print/Email Settings section. Then go to print the report with the text you want to translate, click Yes when asked if you want to Translate the Report. You can then do the same steps as above in the report as the window.
If you want to change the way data is formatted (presented) in windows or reports, then you can also translate the format picture to the one you would like. This is most useful for currency or date formating. There are 2 ways that Veculim formats pictures, so you need to translate both.

You can use the same system to change the currency symbol displayed in Veculim. Simply "translate" ~R~ to (for example) ~$~ in order to display values with the $ currency symbol.

Updated by Geoff Thomson on 11 AUG 2021
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