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When you create quotes and orders, you would need to select a supplier for the relevant parts.  Initially it would be easier to capture all Supplier details. This can be done by accessing the Supplier icon in the Purchasing Menu.

  1. Adding a Supplier
  2. Changing a Supplier
  3. Removing a Supplier
  4. Bulk Categorize Suppliers (Part of Setup)

Adding a Supplier

Click on the Suppliers icon in the Purchasing Menu and the Suppliers window will appear.


Click on the Insert button and the Supplier Details window will be displayed.


Capture the Supplier's details as required, ensuring that all required (Red) fields have been entered.
There are 5 tabs on the left side of the window which will each require different information:
1. Company - Enter the Supplier Name, Acc number(optional), VAT no and Category. If Material Parts category is selected, choose the type of Parts Supplied by this Supplier by ticking the checkboxes (OEM/S/H/ XXX)
2. Contact Info - Name, Email address, Cell number etc.
3. Address - Physical and/or Postal
4. Pricing -  Choose Net or Retail pricing and fill out information according to your choice.
5. BEE - Level and Date of assessment
Once all the Details have been entered you can click on OK to save the changes.


Changing a Supplier

Once the_Suppliers_ window is open, simply select the Supplier you would like to change and click the Change button. The Supplier Details window will then be displayed. 
Now make the changes as required.


Removing a Supplier

Once the Suppliers window is open, simply select the Supplier you would like to remove and click the Delete button.
A confirmation message will appear after which you can select Yes to remove the Supplier from the list.


Bulk Categorize Suppliers (Part of Setup)

The bulk categorize for Suppliers feature is there as part of the original setup once you join Veculim. After importing the suppliers from the accounting system, they still need to be categorized in order of either Parts, Consumable suppliers or Towing. We do allow one supplier to be added to more than one category but this can be done individually after you assigned the main category.
To make use of this feature simply navigate to the Purchasing Tab then click on Suppliers. This will display the following window.


Then click on the Bulk Categorize button which will then display the following window


If you have not set up categories yet, the category column will be empty.
To categorize Suppliers into one category, example Material Parts, click on the supplier name, then click on the arrow in the middle which will copy the Supplier to the right hand side. Once you have selected all the suppliers for the one category you can enter the categorize to field and click on the categorize button.
Repeat this for all your categories and until all the suppliers you wanted to is put in the desired category.

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