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When it comes to dealing with Insurance Companies, you are more than likely going to deal with the same Insurance company, multiple times. For this reason, it is easier to capture the details of each Insurance Company once, into Veculim’s Insurers database. These records can then be used with each quotation, invoice, etc. generated.  

  1. Inserting an Insurer
  2. Changing Insurer Information
  3. Deleting an Insurer

This can be done by accessing the Insurers icon in the People Menu.


Inserting an Insurer

Once the Insurer window is displayed, please select the Insert button in order for the _Update Insurer _window to be displayed.  



Capture all information as preferred, remembering that any red fields are required fields and therefore have to be entered. Any blue fields are automatically generated by the system.   Note the Protocol section at the bottom when Inserting the Insurance Company. This Section allows you to set the Sundries and Markup % for this Insurer as well as Labour Rates that would apply to this Insurer. After you have captured the Insurer, you can click on the *Create Debtor Account*button to create the debtor account for your Insurance Company.


Changing Insurer Information

Once the Insurer window is displayed, please select the Change button in order for the Update Insurer window to be displayed. The information can then be edited according to your needs.  


Deleting an Insurer

Once the Insurer window is displayed, please select the Delete button. A message will then be displayed asking you to confirm the request to delete the record. Click Yes to confirm and delete.

Updated by on 14 JUN 2021
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