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Consumable Orders

In the Professional level of Veculim, you are able to define which orders are classified as consumable orders. As with miscellaneous orders, here you can create all purchase orders related to consumable items.
Consumable Orders can be create from two different windows which will both be covered.
1. Inventory - Stock Items window (can order an individual Item or multiple ones from the window)
2. Purchasing - Orders window

1. Create a Consumable Order (Stock Items window)

Navigate to the Inventory Tab and then select the Stock Items icon which will open the following window.

On the Stock Item window highlight the Consumable Item you wish to order and click on the Order button.
The Consumable Order window will be displayed but with the item you selected, the supplier it is Purchased from (linked to) 
On the Order, the other items linked to this Supplier will be displayed, allowing you to choose multiple items if necessary.

Enter the Qty, the Item price and other details as always.
Once finished, click on the Accept button to complete the Order.
If you wish to add more items to this order simply click on the green plus on the left hand side to add the item to the order and fill out information as required.

2. Create a Consumable Order (Orders window)

When accessing the Orders icon, in the Purchasing Menu, the Browse Orders window will be displayed.

Click on the Consumables button and the Create Consumables Order window will be displayed.

Using the lookup 
button, select the Supplier name.
In the Items supplied by this Supplier section, you  will see a list of all items which can be purchased from this supplier.
Drag and drop the items as required to the*Items to include in this Order* section.
Specify the quantity and price of the items and click *Accept*once all the relevant items have been added.
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