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Installing Veculim

This document illustrates how to implement a new Veculim installation, where Veculim is not installed on any other computers in the panel shop. 
If you have already installed Veculim on another computer, then following the steps outlined in the Workstation Setup
Download the latest Veculim release from www.veculim.com


Installing Veculim on your Server/Main Computer

Once you downloaded and started to run the install, an install wizard will appear with the welcome message.

Cick Next to proceed and display the License agreement window. Please indicate your acceptance by selecting the appropriate radio button and click Next.

The default installation path will be displayed and can be changed if you choose to do so. Once the installation path has been specified, please click Next.

A summary will be displayed for you to review and once satisfied, you can click Next button to begin the installation.

Once the installation has completed, select whether to create a Desktop Shortcut and whether you would like to run the application immediately. Then click Finish.

Next Recommended StepRegistering Veculim

Installing a second Veculim on your Server/Main PC

On the server, under C\ProgramData, rename the existing Veculim folder to the current database name eg. C\ProgramData\VeculimMechanical. Manually set permissions on the folder for Everyone on the network, with Read/Write rights. Remap the path for the shortcut on the server to the renamed Veculim folder eg:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Veculim\Veculimf.exe" DataPath=C:\ProgramData\VeculimMechanical\SharedData Dataset=Live.

Rename the path for the shortcut on all the workstations to the renamed folder on the server eg: \\DESKTOP-780HJJR\Veculim\Veculimf.exe Server=DESKTOP-780HJJR DataPath=\\DESKTOP-780HJJR\VeculimData\Paintbull\SharedData DataFolder=C:\ProgramData\Veculim\Paintbull\SharedData Dataset=PaintBull.

Next, install the second Veculim on the server using ' /V FORCEREINSTALL 1' and the workstations as a normal installation and register new database.

Log into original database with command '/Support' and under Quote/Job Defaults/Program Behaviour, set 'Disable Auto Updates Here'.

Repairing an install

If there was a problem installing Veculim, then re-install running the install (VeculimInitialInstall.exe) using the command line parameter: ' /V FORCEREINSTALL 1'
Hint: The easiest is to create a shortcut and then edit the shortcut adding the parameter to the end of the target.

Updated by Zanite Seymour on 5 JUN 2024
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