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Tag TextVeculim will replace the tag with
<CUSTOMER>The customer name
<CUSTOMEREMAIL>The customer's email address
<CUSTOMERPHONE>The Customer's phone number
<CUSTOMERADDRESS>The customer's street (if exists) or postal address.
<CLAIMNUMBER>The claim number
<POLICYNUMBER>The customer's policy number
<CURRENTDATE>Today's date
<CUSTOMERCELL>The Customer's cell phone number
<INSURER>The Customer's Insurance Company
<ASSESSOR>The Insurer's assessor
<ASSESSORPHONE>The Assessor's phone number

<VEHICLEREGISTRATION>The Vehicle Registration Number
<VEHICLEMANUFACTURER>The Vehicle Manufacturer
<VEHICLEMODEL>The Vehicle Model
<VEHICLEYEAR>The Vehicle Year
<VEHICLECOLOUR<VEHICLECOLOUR>The vehicle's colour description

<QUOTENO>The Quote Number
<JOBNO>The Job Number
<JOBDATE>The Job Date

<REPAIRERNAME>The Repairer's (your) company name
<REPAIRERPHONE>The Repairer's phone number
<REPAIRERADDRESS>The Repairer's physical address
<REPAIRERVATNO>The Repairer's Vat Number
<REPAIREREMAIL>The Repairer's Email Address
<REPAIRERCONTACT>The contact person at the Repairer

You can insert the tag text where you require Veculim to find and replace the specific text to be inserted in the document. Any other text will be left unedited when Veculim creates the Job specific document from the template.