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When trying to Import quotes and the Import doesn't want to work it could be because of several reasons:

1) The Quoted Calculated total and the External Total doesn't match - the Load Quote option will be greyed out and the Quote can not be loaded until those two amounts are the same.

This can be done buy checking each line to see where the difference is coming in. If it is only  only 1 or 2c out, just adjust the Sundries line item by choosing to change the line on this window and then altering the amount.

 If the 2) The Quote isn't importing any lines or values, more than likely the

The PDF has no information to read and is an image rather than a document or, the format isn't supported. If anything changes on Audatex side and you can not import the   quote rather get the quote to development.If the Quote Import is incorrect due to a line item not being imported, please get the Quote to the developer so he can make the required changes on Veculim side to importExport the quote from Abuntex (not print to PDF).

3) A line is missing from the import.

Manually add the line to the quote details list at the bottom, and then submit a bug report together with the PDF of the quote.

4) The Quote is imported to a job, but HLP/LLPs are not added to the items after import

HLPs/LLPs will only be added to the job if the parts are ordered and received. For PLUS users (not using the ordering system), the parts still need to be marked as ordered and received.