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A comeback jobcard can be created for those jobs that have been completed, invoiced and left the shop, but require reworking, generally because the customer is unhappy with the completed work.
A comeback jobcard can be created from the Jobs (All) screen which is on the Work tab of the main Veculim window.

Creating a Come-back Job

On the Jobs All screen, select the Job for which you would like to create the Come-Back Job and then click on the Come-Back Job button. This will then open the " Create a Come-Back Jobcard" screen
Please Note: You can only create a Come-Back Job for a Jobcard that was completed and invoiced.

Enter the number of days required for this Come-Back Job.
All the Items/Lines of the Original order will be listed at the top section of the screen. You need to choose which items you need to work on in the come-back job by selecting the item and then clicking on the " +Add the selected line to the comeback jobcard" button.


You can select one or multiple lines, depending on what needs to be done.
Once you have selected all the Items/Lines required then click, OK.
You can now return to the JIP (Jobs In-Progress) screen and you will see the newly created come-back Job listed with a Spanner and hourglass icon. The amount for this Jobcard will however be R0 at the moment.

Select your Job and click "Change"

You can now enter a date on which the vehicle was brought in for the repairs.
You must now add any extras should you need to Purchase items for this Job and or add the Labour hours needed for this job.
*Ordering parts and the receiving of Goods work the same as it would, following the normal process.
The one difference is, once the Come-Back Job is completed it will move to the Jobs All screen but there will be NO invoicing required.

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