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A job would typically be cancelled if a customer decides not to bring the job in, or if the insurance detects a problem with the policy and declines approval to proceed with the work. In most cases a Job can simply be cancelled without any additional admin work using the cancel button on the Jobs Work-In-Progress screen. However, if parts have already been ordered and/or received (in the plus or pro version), then those received parts must first be returned to the supplier via RFC before you will be able to cancel the job. Outstanding orders (not yet received) for that job will also need to be cancelled first. 

  1. Cancel any outstanding order items for the job (on the Purchasing | Orders window)
  2. Create an RFC for all parts that have been received for the job (via the Purchasing | View GRVed Items) and return those to the supplier or take them into Own Stock. If you are unable to RFC the parts, then go into Costing and remove all extra's, savings & price adjustments against these parts to enable you to create the RFCs for those part(s).
  3. Cancel the job
  4. Make a miscellaneous invoice to the Insurance Company for the parts that you were unable to return to the supplier.
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