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Upgrading from VRM to Veculim

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    Vehicle Repair Manager (VRM) has been superseded by the new Veculim software. Capesoft has however made it a seamless transition to the new software, by allowing the transfer of data. In order for your data to be transferred from VRM to Veculim, a few steps would need to be followed.


    The initial step would be to install the TPS version of Veculim.  Instructions on how to install Veculim can be found under the Installing Veculim section.


    After the installation is complete, you would need to navigate to your VRM data location (C:/ProgramData/VRM) and copy the contents to the  C:/ProgramData/Veculim/SharedData/Live folder.


    Copy the Upg.tps and Regist.reg  file from the Live folder and place it in the C:/ProgramData/Veculim/SharedData folder.

     Please note: Should the Regist.reg file not be available in the Live folder, navigate to the SharedData folder and delete the Regist.reg file which is currently there.


    Now open Veculim and the data will be upgraded.




    You will be required to register the TPS version in order to check that all information has been transferred.


    The TPS data now needs to be converted to a Firebird structure. This can be done by installing the Firebird version of Veculim.


    Before running Veculim, delete the Live.fdb file which can be found in the  C:/ProgramData/Veculim/SharedData folder.


    Copy the BlankDatabse.fdb file in this SharedData folder and rename it to Live.fdb


    Run Veculim  and click the Connect button.


    Firebird Connect.png


    You would now need to re-register Veculim again.


    Lastly, select the Company Logos which are required to appear on you documentation. This can be done by clicking on the Company Logos icon in the Setup Menu.

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