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Invoice Towing

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    Once the Tow-In or Trade Call record has been added, you would need to invoice this. This can be done directly in the Towing window.


    To Invoice a Towing record, highlight the relevant record and click the Invoice button. The Create a Tow-In Invoice window will appear.

    Tow-In Invoice1

    On this window you will see some of the information populated already for you.

    The Account field is required so make sure to choose the account to Invoice to (usually the Insurance Company)

    If you click on the Details tab on the left hand side of the window the following window will be displayed.

    Tow-In Invoice 2

    On the Details window you can add Storage Charges if required by choosing dates and entering your daily storage rate.

    Veculim will then work out your Total Storage charge for you.

    If you are happy with the information entered you can then click on the Add Storage Charge button to add this line to your Invoice Line Details.

    You have the option to also Insert a line, Change the existing lines or Delete.


    Once you are done, simply click on the OK button to save this Invoice.

    Veculim will then prompt you to ask whether or not you want to Print or Email this Invoice. You can choose what you wish to do.


    To view your Towing Invoice Navigate to the Accounting Tab> Invoices, it will be listed there.

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