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Creating a Tow-In/Trade-Call

    A Tow-In record is created when an outside towing company was used to deliver the vehicle to your workshop. Usually the only connection to the owner of the vehicle would be through the towing company. 


    To insert a Tow-In record, go to

    Purchasing Tab >Capture GRVs&RFCs > Select the PCR Sheet for that day > Click on the Create button.

    Then Different to parts, select a supplier not an Order number.

    Fill in all necessary information in the "Update PCR Goods Received Line Details"



    A Warning will appear:



    Select Yes or No


    Then Another Message



    Update Towing Screen will now be available to Complete.

    Customer and Vehicle


    Enter the Customer and Vehicle Details

    Charge Out Details


    Enter the Insurance details,Claim Order and choose whether it will be Invoice out or at Own Cost.


    Towing Details


    Enter any other information you might want to reflect on the record.


    Once you are happy with information entered, click OK to save the Towing Record.

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