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Tool Register

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    The Tool register allows you to keep track of all the Tools listed for the staff members to use in their everyday tasks. The tools can be assigned to different staff members and includes the condition of the tool as it was booked out and also when it is booked back into the store.

    The Tool Register can be accessed by selecting Tool Register on the Staff Menu.

    Tool register

    You can Add a Tool to the Tool Register, Change Tool details, Issue Tools to specific Employees and Return Tools to the Store.

    Add a Tool to the Tool Register

    You can add a Tool by clicking on the Insert button. This will open the Update Tool Register window.

    add tool

    Start by entering the Description/Name of the tool and the Date it was acquired.

    Enter the Lifespan of the Tool (optional)

    Now select the current Status of the Tool (Held in store, Not useable etc.) and also the Condition of the Tool when booked out.

    You can then click on the OK button to save the entry created.

    To make changes to an existing Tool record simply click on the Change button and also follow the same procedure for any information you wish to alter.


    Issue a Tool to an Employee

    To Issue a Tool the status of the Tool needs to be "Held in Store". Click on the Issue Tools button on the Tools Register window to open up the Issue Tools window.

    Issue tools

    Veculim will enter the Description of the tool for you according to the selection you made.

    Enter the Employee Name by making use of the ()  button.

    It is very important to select the correct Tool out condition (the condition of the Tool when it is assigned to the employee)

    If you are done entering the information, click on the OK button to save the entry.

    This will take you back to the Tool Register window with the saved entry at the bottom.


    Return a Tool to the Store

    When you wish to Return the tool you create the entry by clicking on the Return Tools button on the Tools Register.


    Return Tools


    After you select the item which you wish to return to the store the Tool Description will be brought forward for you.

    You have the option to choose whether the tool was returned by a different employee or not, by ticking the checkbox.

    Veculim will enter the current date and time for the tool to be returned. It is optional for you to change.

    Then choose the Condition of the tool in which it is returned to the store.

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