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Configure Staff Details

    Capturing staff details in Veculim could make your life a whole lot easier. Depending on the Level of Veculim you have, the Staff option will allow you to capture the ID, Start date and  MIBCO details to name a few.


    Adding Staff Details

    When in the Staff Menu, click on the Staff icon and the Browse Staff window will be displayed.


    Click on the Insert button to display the Update Staff Details  window.


    With the Employee Details tab selected, complete the information details as required.

    Please Note: All required fields are indicated in a pink colour.


    Select the Remuneration Details tab and enter all MIBCO details pertaining to this employee. This information is only required if you would like to make use of the MIBCO Return feature.



    If Job Clocks are being used, select the Job Clockings tab and enter a PIN or Prox tag number.


    Click Ok, to save and add the employee record.

    Changing Staff Details

    When in the Update Staff Details window, highlight the employee you would like to change details for.


    Click on the Change button to display the Update Staff window.


    Change all info as required and click Ok to save.


    Removing Staff

    When in the Update Staff Details window, highlight the employee you would like to remove and click on the Delete button.


    A confirmation message will appear before the removal.


    Click Yes to remove the employee or No to return to the main window.

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