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Email Settings

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    1. 1. Setup Email

    In order for invoices to be emailed directly from Veculim, you would need to configure the Email settings as per your email environment. If you do not know what these setting should be, please contact your IT department.


    Setup Email

    Select the Email Settings icon in the Setup Menu. The Setup Email window will now be displayed.




    Complete all fields with the configurations as per your individual network settings.

    The fields that are available are:

    • Email From Address. This is the email which will be used to email all invoices/Reports from. This would typically be set to your own email address.
    • Server. This is the SMTP server details as per your network settings.
    • Port. This is the SMTP port that is used to send emails.
    • User. This is the username which is used to log on to the SMTP server in order to send emails.
    • Password. The password associated with the user listed above.
    • SSL and StartTLS. Protocols which are designed to provide communication security. This will only be required if your network uses this.
    • Helo. This used to initiate the SMTP conversation and requires a fully qualified DNS host name. This field will only be used if required on your network.


    Click the Test Server button to confirm that all setting are correct and that an email can be sent from Veculim.



    Click OK to save all info and close this window.

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