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User Groups

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    With multiple users using Veculim, you might have certain access rights you would like to assign to specific users.

    You can either set the access rights for each user individually, or simply create user groups and group all operators with the same access rights, together. This way, you configure the access rights only once, for the group, and assign the operators to this group.


    To create user groups, click on the User Groups icon in the Security Tab and the User Groups window will be displayed.


    Click the Insert button to display the Update User Group window.


    Now enter the decription of the user group.

    Set the Level to indicate whether this newly added group is for Supervisors or Operators.

    Supervisors are by default able to access everything, including settings such as the security settings.

    Operators are limited in terms of what they may access. This can however be set to allow less access or more access to certain windows.

    Set the Initial Access, depending on the majority access allowed.This can be set to either No Access or All Access.


    Please Note: Even though the initial access has been set, you will be able to individually set the access to each screen.

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