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Adding a User

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    1. 1. Adding a new User

    Once you have completed the installation process, you may like to add additional users that have access to part of the system. They can then log in with their login, and be restricted in their use of the application (as you see fit).  

    Adding a new User

    • Select the Users icon in the Security tab and the Browse Users window will be displayed.




    • Click the Insert button to display the Update User window.




    • Now fill in the users First Name, Last Name, User Name and Email. If you want the email to be sent from the user's account, then you need to add their account to the Email Accounts on the Email Settings window.


    • Select the Level and Initial Access.
      • Supervisor Level. This level allows the user to access all windows in Veculim. This level is meant for the person who will be managing the configuration side as well as the day to day tasks.
      • Operator Level. This level is used for operator who would simply need to perform the day to day tasks.

           Tip: When configuring the initial access for a user, it is best to determine whether you would like to configure access or no

                   access to the majority of windows. Depending on the majority rule, choose the relevant initial access. Then log in with the

                   supervisor user and set the individual access settings of each window.


    • Click OK to add your user.


    The user name created in the above steps can now be used to log in to Veculim. Please note that the user's password will initially be set to the same as the user name and can be changed at a later stage.




    You can now select whether or not to make this login the default login used for this computer. If selected, Veculim will automatically log in when running the software.


    • Click Login to run Veculim.


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