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Re-Importing Quotes

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    1. 1. Re-Import Quote

    We added the feature for our customers to be able to re-import the quotes after adjustments were made by the Insurance company. This feature allows you to use the same Quotation (original) as was imported and just import the adjusted quote over the already saved quote. Veculim then adjusts the Quote to portray the new quote values and items.

    Access the Import Quotes through the Work tab.


    Once you click on Import Quote and drag and drop your Quote in the "External PDF File" box, all the information should now appear on the quote. If you are happy, click on Load Quote. (This is the original/first Imported Quote)

    Re-Import Quote

    With the Original Quote already loaded onto Veculim, it is easy to re-import your adjusted quote. Simply follow the same procedure as you would Importing any quote.

    Work Tab > Import Quotes > drag and drop file> Load Quote

    At this stage Veculim will prompt you with the following message


    ReImport msg


    Since this is a Quote you want to Re-Import you can choose "Re-Import". You can now view the same quote number you had with the adjusted content and totals.



    Should you want to Print the Re-Imported Quote, you will be prompted with another message asking you if you would like to print the deleted lines on this quote.

    You can choose YES or NO.


    PS.  As an important note it is always a good idea to check the Quote before choosing to Load it to make sure all is correct and in order.

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