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Quote Requests

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    1. 1. Inserting a Quote Request

    Depending on your current setup, you might have several people handling quotes. This is where quote requests really come in handy.

    Quote requests can be captured by the receptionist when a client calls in for example and then passed on to the relevant sales guy. All this can be accessed through the Request Quote icon, which can be found in the Work Menu.


    Inserting a Quote Request

    In the Work Menu, click on the Request Quote icon and the Quote Requests window will be displayed.


    Click the Insert button to display the Request a Quote window.


    Capture the request type and complete all relevant information.


    Click the Ok button to insert the record.


    This window allows you create a quote directly from the request and also displays the time frame it takes before quoting. Here you can view at a glance, your turn around time and if any quote requests have exceeded the 48 hour  standard mark.

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