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    1. 1. Generating a quote
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      2. 1.2. Adding Details

    Generating a quote

    In the Browse Quotes window, select the Create button to generate a quote. The Update Quote window will then be displayed.


    Capture all Vehicle details by using the select buttons to specify the vehicle manufacturer, model and make. Then continue entering the rest of the details ensuring that all the required (red) fields are completed.

    Please Note: If the Manufacturer or Model is not available for selection, please follow the instructions in the Maker & Model section.


    Next,  select the customer tab and use the lookup (Lookup.png) buttons to complete the contact details, etc, or you can simply type the details in of the customer.




    Specify whether the client would like to receive progress SMSes by selecting the appropriate radio button.


    Select the Broker, Assessor or Insurance Company if required, using the lookup (Lookup.png) buttons.




    Please Note: If the appropriate selection is not available, please follow the instructions in the Broker, Assessor or Insurer section to add this.


    If a default sundries percentage and amount has been pre-configured, for either of the selections in above step, it will now be populated. This can however be changed as required.


    If required, add a claim/order number.


    Next, capture any notes and add images as required in the respective tabs.

    To add an Internal Note - Click on the Insert button. (These notes will not be printed on the Quote for the customer to see.)

    To add a Print Note - Simply click inside the block and start typing. (These Notes will be Printed on the Quote)






    The last three tabs, namely Analysis, Status and Parts depict  details of the quote like  totals, the progress of the quotation  and the Parts tab  lists  all the Parts for this Quote.






    Adding Details


    Select the Insert button and the Update Quote Detail Lines window will be displayed. You can now proceed to capture all entries for the quotation. 




    Enter the Action, Location and description by using the Quick Buttons, Lookup buttons or manually enter the information.


    Enter all other costs in the relevant Parts, Panel Beating, Strip + Assembly or Paintwork section.


    If this part is to be added to the order list, select Replace or Outwork  and specify the Supplier name, markup value and pricing.


    Lastly, click Accept to add the line detail. You can now repeat the above steps to add multiple Quote detail lines as required.


    Please Note: The Supplier section will only become available if a replace/outwork action has been selected. Use this section to allow the system to generate a Supplier parts order list.


    Once all details have been added, click the Close button to complete the quote detail additions.


    Click OK to complete the quote.


    A warning might be displayed regarding the number of days required to complete the job. You can choose to either accept this and adjust the days or not.


    Next.png Print Parts List

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