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    1. 1. Generating a quote
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      2. 1.2. Adding Details

    Generating a quote

    The first step to start you off in Veculim will be to create a new quotation on the system after it has been done manually. It is a great way to keep track of all the Quotations you do in your business and also for return clientele.

    From the Quote window simply click on the Create button which will then open the Update Quote window.



    Start entering information for the Quote by following the Tabs on the left hand side of the window.

    This window will always be the default, Vehicle Tab, enter this information first before moving on.

    Next,  select the customer tab and use the lookup (Lookup.png) buttons to complete the contact details, etc, or you can simply type the details in of the customer.



    Specify whether the client would like to receive progress SMSes by selecting the appropriate radio button.




    Select the Broker, Assessor or Insurance Company if required, using the lookup (Lookup.png) buttons.

    Please Note: If the appropriate selection is not available, please follow the instructions in the Broker, Assessor or Insurer section to add this.

    If a default sundries percentage and amount has been pre-configured, for either of the selections in above step, it will now be populated. This can however be changed as required.

    Enter Consumable% if applicable and/or Discount as either a % or an amount.

    If required, add a claim/order number and/or a Policy Number.



    Next, capture any notes.

    To add an Internal Note - Click on the Insert button. (These notes will not be printed on the Quote for the customer to see.)

    To add a Print Note - Simply click inside the block and start typing. (These Notes will be Printed on the Quote)



    To add images to a Quote, there are two options available:

     - Drag and drop feature: Simply select the images from a folder, click to drag and drop in any of the blocks on the right hand side of the window.

     - Make use of the Quick Add button: Simply click on the Quick add button to select images from a folder and then click on the Open button to add these images selected.



    The last three tabs, namely Analysis, Status and Parts depict  details of the quote like  totals, the progress of the quotation  and the Parts tab  lists  all the Parts for this Quote.






    Adding Details


    Select the Insert button and the Update Quote Detail Lines window will be displayed. You can now proceed to capture all entries for the quotation. 




    To add the Quote detail lines Veculim requires specific information and it is up to you to fill in the rest of the information according to the Manual quote.

    The Action and Location fields are required for any/all lines.

    As you will see we added quick button to make it a little easier but all actions and locations are still available to use and can be chosen by clicking on the button.

    The Description field, the quantity and rates need to be entered for the line currently being edited.

    Notes can be added for that specific line.

    Once all the information for the line has been entered, click on the Accept button to add the line to the Quote.

    No need to exit this window, start a new line from there.


    Actions requiring Parts/Outwork ordering will have additional fields:



    Supplier, type, Supplier Part number, Parts Markup, Net/Retail Price.

    *Supplier and type and supplier Part no is optional.

    Once you are done adding all the Detail lines, click on the Close button at the bottom of the window. This will take you back to the Update Quote window again.

    This will display what the Quote will look like and has all the information on.

    To Save the Quote created click on the OK button.

    This will take you back to the Quotes window with the new Quote created right at the top of the list.

    To add more Quote detail lines, on the Quotes window, click on the Change button which will open the Update Quote window again. Click on the Insert  button which will open the Update Quote Detail Lines again but it will not display all the lines already created. It will just add the lines you will now create.

    To save the new lines added, click on the Close button.

    To save the changes made, click on the OK button.


    Note: A warning might be displayed regarding the number of days required to complete the job. You can choose to either accept this and adjust the days or not.


    Next.png Print Parts List

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