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Approve Quotes

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    1. 1. Approving a Quote

    Approving a Quote

    In the Browse Quotes window, highlight the finalised quotation you would like to Approve.


    Then click on the Approve button and warning message will be displayed allowing you to abort if you would need to print the quotation prior to the approval for filing purposes.


    Select the appropriate option.

    •  If No is selected, you can click on the print button in order to print the quotation.
    •  If Yes is selected, the Approve Quote window will not be displayed.

    Enter Claim Excess Details if required and make any other adjustments as needed before approving the quote.


    Once you are happy with all details, click the OK button.


    A warning will be displayed to indicate that no further changes can be made once approved.


    Click Yes, to approve the quotatation.


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