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Returns For Credit

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    There are times when items have perhaps been ordered incorrectly or are no longer needed, etc. In this case, you would need to create a return for credit.

    There are two ways to do this:

    - Return for Credit window

    - Browsed Received items


     Return for Credit:

    Under the Purchasing Menu, click on the Returns for Credit button and the Returns for Credit (RFC's) window will be displayed.


    Click on the Create button and the Create a RFC(Return for Credit) window will be displayed.


    Select the Supplier for which the order was generated, using the lookup () button.


    If applicable, enter the Suppliers Credit Doc Number and Goods collected by.


    Now clickon the INSERT button.

    Select a PCR Detail Entry - You can select the PCR for the item(s) you would like to RFC.

    Then click Select.

    Once you have selected your items, you can review and check if you are happy with the chosen goods to be RFC'd and then click Accept.

    Browse Received Items:


    From the Browse Received items window you can select the specific item you wish to Return for credit and on this window simply click on the Create RFC button.


    The Update an RFC Detail window will appear for the specific item you highlighted. 

    Enter the Supplier Item Code and select the reason for the return. Then click on the OK button which will take you to the Create a RFC window.


    Once the information on this window is satisfactory, click Accept to save the entry.



    Note: From an RFC created for a part it can go to one of two places.

    1. The item can be sent back to the supplier for credit OR

    2. The item can be taken into own stock. This might happen because the supplier has listed this part as non-returnable or because the time window in which to send it back has expired.

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