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    Keeping track of items ordered is easy with Veculim, using the Purchase Order feature. Orders can be created for each specific Job and can be emailed directly out of Veculim to the various suppliers. The orders Icon can be accessed from the Purchasing Menu. Although not all the order features are available for Plus, you can still order parts directly from the jobcard and extra parts as well.



    To order parts for a Job (or Stock items for Professional users), select the Orders item to get to the Orders list. Each order is shown in the top list, and when you click on an order in the list, it will show the details of the order in the list below. The first three icons indicate which type of Order was created (Misc Order,Cons Order or job Order).

    The Green, Orange and Red icons indicate whether parts have been received, partially received or are overdue (not received yet).




    From here, you can

    1. Order parts for a job

    2. Order additional parts for a job

    3. Place a Stock Order (Professional only)

    4. Change an order's supplier

    5. Cancel an order

    6. Delete an item (from an order

    7. Print and/or email an order to the supplier

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