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Job Analysis

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    One of the questions as a business owner or Manager could be “How can I get an overview on the Job Labour between the Labour hours quoted and the Actual hours worked on a Job or more importantly for all the Jobs within a set period, for example per week?”

     You can get this information and more from Veculim.

    By making use of the Job clocks (added Hardware) your staff can clock when they start a job and at each station for example stripping, panel beating & painting. The clockings will show who is working on which job and when and this will enable Veculim to give an accurate calculation of the time spent on a Vehicle by each employee.

    You can use the Job Analysis to view the Quoted hours in comparison to actual hours worked for a specific job and/or all jobs in a specific period.

    If you navigate to the Oversight Tab and selectJob Analysis the following window will open.


    Make use the filters at the top to get the exact information that you would like to review.

    View jobs filter:

    -          Completed Jobs

    -          Booked In

    -          Expected


    -          Date range between… (set period)


    When viewing the Job Analysis you will see at the bottom there are various tabs you can make use of for example the Job Costing tab.

    This reflects the Labour Sales per function and in total.

    Ultimately you want to see how efficient the staff is and how big the deviance of actual hours worked is in comparison with the quoted hours for a job.


    In answering the second Question which could pose as a problem…

    Do I have enough labour capacity available for the next week (for example) to cater for the demand of Labour for jobs expected in?

    Example:  Take a period of Monday to Friday. Monday you expect vehicles in and then to be booked out on (or before) Friday.

    In this timeframe you will be able to see the Labour capacity you will need for each separate function to cater for all these jobs to be completed by Friday.

    There are cases where the vehicles might have been booked in before the start of the timeframe looked at but bleeding into this timeframe as it might be a long or difficult job.


    The vehicle could be booked in on Thursday only but take longer than the week you are busy reviewing.

    Now in both cases we will look at only the % of Labour applicable for the timeframe you are looking at and not the complete hours of Labour for the job. (Use Apportion hours)

    Navigate through the Tabs at the bottom to dislay the information you wish to see.

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