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Configuring Job Device

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Adding a Device
    2. 2. Changing a Device

    Once you have configured each Job Station, the next step would be to configure the device in order for Veculim to be able to communicate with each clock and collect the information. 

    From the Oversight Menu, click on the Job Devices icon and the Job Tracking Devices window will be displayed.



    Adding a Device

    When in the Job Tracking window, click on the Insert button and the Update Job Device window will be displayed.


    Enter the Serial number of the device.

    Please note: This is optional, but is recommended to identify the device. The serial number can be found by pressing #22 on the device itself.


     Specify which station this device belongs to by using the lookup button to select a station as pre-configured.


    Give this device a name to identify it. This name will be used to indicate from which device the clocking has come from.


    Select the "Has a network connector" check box and fill in the ip address of this device.


    Fill in the port (5123) and click on the Ok button to add the device.



    Changing a Device

    When in the Job Tracking window, highlight the device you would like to edit.


    Click on the Change button and the Update Job Device window will be displayed.


    Make the changes as required and click on the Ok button to save.


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