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Configure Job Stations

    Before the devices can be configured, you would need to configure the various work stations applicable to your workshop. This can be done from the Oversight Menu.


    Inserting a Job Station

    In this menu, click on the Job Stations icon. This Browse Job Stations window will now be displayed.


    Click on the Insert button and the Update Job Station window will be displayed.


    You now need to fill in a description for this station. Please note that you should try make this as descriptive of the actual location of the clock.


    Select the Division that this station would fall under in terms of Stripping, Painting, Panel Beating or other.


    Lastly, click on the Ok button to save and add the new Job station.


    Changing a Job Station

    In the Browse Job Stations window, highlight the Job Station you would like to edit.


    Click on the change button and the Update Job Station Window will be displayed.


    Make the changes as required and click on the ok button.


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