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    After an External quote has been imported or a manual quote has been finalized and approved (NOTE: You must do both of these for a manual quote before you can create a Job), you can proceed to the next step which is to create the JobCard from the quote.

    Creating a Jobcard

    In the Browse Quotes window, highlight the approved quotation you would like to create a job card for.


    Click on the Create Jobcards button.


    At this point you might recieve a validation query regarding the Sundries amount. Should the sundries percentage value from the Insurer, differ to that of the quote, you will be asked if you would like to change it.


    Select either Yes or No to display the Create Jobcard window will now be displayed. We have three tabs on the Left:

    -Job Details

    -Customer and Vehicle

    - Insurance

    Job Details


    You can now enter the Check-in Date & Time. You can also enter a date in the future should you know an expected Date of arrival for the Vehicle. Then upon arrival of the Vehicle you can use the Check-In button.

    Please Note: When creating a Jobcard, you are not required to enter the check-in date and can enter this at a later stage when the vehicle is actually checked in.

    You can Enter the Days Required for the Job,Discount % allowed and/or Discount amount.

    On the right hand side, all the Excess details can be entered.


    Customer and Vehicle



    This window pulls through the Customer and Vehicle information from the Quote. You can still however enter the VIN Number and Kilometers.




    These detail are also pulled through from the Quote. Still option to enter the Claim/Order number.


    Confirm all information and make amendments as necessary.


    Click the OK button. A warning message will be displayed indicating that key data cannot be changed once the Job card has been created.


    Select the Yes button to create a job card.


    You will then be taken to print a Start-Up Pack for the Job.



    Next Recommended Step: Job Start-Up Pack

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