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Jobcards (In-Progress)

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    The Jobcards list provides various information to management as well the ability to print or process jobcard related procedures such as Printing Parts List, QA Check Lists, etc.




    The following information is available:

    • List of all Job Cards. Jobs that have not been booked in are included in the browser but "greyed" out and do not yet have a "completion date" Any jobs that have been completed are highlighted in green.

    • Part Status.This listing shows all the parts required for the highlighted Job card. The parts "Type" shown in the list indicates that the part was a quoted item. Other parts that can be listed could be an Extra item which is loaded after the repair was approved. This would be indicated as Xtr in the “Type” column.

    • Job Completion Status. If jobs are currently still on time in terms of the Completed By date, a green status indicator will be displayed. If the current date is nearing the Completed By date, an orange indicator will be displayed. Lastly, a red indicator will be displayed if the job is past its Completed By date and indicates that this job is overdue.

    • Quote Total and Job Total. A Job card can have different values for the "Quote Total" and the "Job Total". This is an indication that the job has extras that have been added and/or savings that have been passed.


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