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Job Printouts

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    Once your Job has been created from the Quote, there are a number of printouts you'll need to print, so you will be automatically taken to the Job Printouts window (or you can access via the Job Printouts item in the Work menu).

    The Job Printouts window will then be displayed.



    Then use the Job Lookup(Lookup.png) to display the Select Jobcard window and select the appropriate job.




    If required, tick the Print Job Card check box and select the type of Check in sheet to be printed.

    The options available are:

    • Car

    • Bakkie

    • Twin Cab

    • SUV

    • Kombi

    • Light Truck

    • Heavy Truck

    • Trailer


    Tick all other relevant check boxes for all the forms you would like to print.


    Click Print to print all forms selected.

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