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Job Cards (All)

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    In the Jobcards (All) screen, you are presented with a summary view of all Jobs that are both current and have been completed. Here you can view which jobs have not yet been invoiced, Create Come-back Jobs, Print various documents pertaining to the selected job and also see a graphical representation of the Job Detail Analysis.

    This screen is particularly useful to create reports for a subset of jobs completed (or current) in your panel shop. Use the filter controls (Manufacturer, Account, Date Range and Show Icons) to view a set of records, for example all completed VW jobs in the last quarter. Use the SendTo button to export the list to excel/Pdf/printer, etc.


    In the Job Analysis section you can get a quick view of all costs, including Parts and labour.



    Note: Using the filters added like Manufacturer, you can get a better overview of all the jobs done for this specific vehicle Manufacturer.

    You can view all jobs completed for a specific time period.

    You can also make use of a combination of the two depending on which information you are looking for.

    All of these reports can be sent to printer, Email and /or exported to Excel and utilized from there.

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