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Reverse An Invoice

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    1. 1. Reversing an Excess Invoice

    If an invoice is created incorrectly, then Veculim has the facility to reverse the erroneous excess (or job) invoice.

    The process of reversing an invoice will mark the invoice as reversed, as well as simultaneously creating a matching credit note for the debtor. 

    When you reverse an Excess Invoice, the matching Credit Note (for the Insurance that was created when the Excess Invoice was created originally) will be marked as a Debit Journal Voucher in order to "Reverse" the original Credit Note.

    Reversing an Excess Invoice

    In the Invoices window, select the Invoice with an invoiced excess amount that you would like to reverse.


    Then click the Reverse an Excess Inv button and the Reverse Excess Invoice window will be displayed.

    Reverse Exc invoice

    Select whether or not you would like to cancel the Job Complete status.


    Lastly, click the Create Credit Note button to reverse the excess invoice.

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