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Invoicing Excess

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    1. 1. Invoicing the Excess

    Excess invoices can be raised at any time during the job process (they can even be invoiced in advance) with the following exceptions:

    • Percentage Based Excess applies.When a percentage based excess applies and the possible excess payable will be more than the minimum excess amount. Since these excess payments are based on a percentage of the total job (usually with a set minimum amount) it is wise to first determine the total.
    • Betterment applies. Where betterment is to be applied and the final cost has not yet been determined.


    It is of utmost importance to note that in ALL cases any excess applicable MUST be invoiced BEFORE attempting to invoice the balance of the job.

    Invoicing the Excess

    In the Invoices window, select the Invoice Excess button and the Create Excess Invoice window will be displayed.


    Excess Inv

    Start by selecting the job no you wish to raise the excess invoice for by clicking on the lookup () button.


    Then in the same manner, select the correct debtor account in respect of the Insurance Company who will be responsible for paying the balance of the job cost.


    Select the debtor account which will be liable for the payment of the excess invoice (This can either be a single universal account or you could use the recommended system of creating individual debtor accounts for each customer.


    Enter the excess invoice date and make sure that the date falls within the current accounting period.


    Confirm all Excess amounts are correct. The excess payable should have been entered when the job card was created, however it may be overwritten at this stage by entering the correct value in the Excess Amount field.


    Select whether Betterment applies and complete the description and amount fields.


    Click the Create button to finalise all details and invoice the excess amount.

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