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Product/Stock Items

    All product items that would be either kept in stock, consumed or issued out, need to be created in the Product list. This can be done in the Inventory menu.


    The product description should be as descriptive as possible, but absolutely generic ,unless preference is given to purchasing branded items.

    Example. Masking tape 25mm versus Masking tape 25mm 3M and should follow a logical search pattern which could be applied to all similar items.

    When an item is loaded it is key to allocate it to the correct Item Group as this will set the correct GL codes being used. Browsing the item master file the user will be able to see the theoretical stock on hand per item (Inventory Items only), stock on order and "Out of stock" items.  Non-inventory items are clearly marked and displayed in green.


    Inserting a Product/Stock Item

    Click on the Stock Items icon and the Stock items window will be displayed.


    Click on the Insert button and the Update Stock Item window will be displayed.


    Fill in the item description.


    Specifiy the Item group under which this product falls by using the lookup () button.


    Now fill in the item unit description and the pack size.


    Select whether the Item is an inventory item or not. The options available are:

    Non-Inventory Item - This indicates a product that will not be taken into stock, but will be directly charged out.

    Inventory Item - This indicates an item that will be taken into stock and issued out as required.


    Next, specify the the single issue units and the order pack price.


    Once all details have been completed, click on the OK button to save and create the item.

    Changing a Product

    In the Stock Items window, click the Change button.


    When the Update Stock Item window is displayed, change details as required and click OK to save.

    Deleting a Product

    In the Stock Items window, highlight the item you wish to delete.


    Click the Delete button and a confirmation message will appear.


    Now click Yes to confirm and  delete the selected item.


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