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Link items to a Supplier

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    In order for you to be able to keep track of which suppliers can supply which items, you would need to link those product items to at least one Supplier.  Where the same item can be obtained from a number of suppliers this should be done.

    Each supplier linked record will result in that item having customised data as to the supplier item code and pricing as charged by that specific supplier.  This makes it possible to view each item prior to ordering and comparing standard pricing, trade and settlement discounts allowed. You can also view payment terms, resulting in an informed decision as to where the best possible deal can be obtained. 

    The supplier pricing will be updated each time an item is received at a different price to that held on the supplier linked record. Items can be linked to a Supplier in the  Items by supplier icon which can be found in the Inventory Menu.


    In the Inventory Menu, click on the Stock Items by supplier icon and the Items Supplied by a Supplier window will be displayed with the Supplier window automatically for you to choose a Supplier first before continuing.


    Highlight the Supplier you wish to use and then click on the Select button.


    Now click on the Link Items to this Supplier button and the Link Multiple Items to a Supplier window will be displayed.


    A list of all items which have not been linked to this supplier will be displayed. Use the Tag/Untag button to select all items you would like to link to this supplier.


    Once all items have been seleted, click the Copy Tagged Items button.


    All tagged items will now have been copied to the Items linked to and supplied by this supplier section.


    Now specify the cost price for each item as per the Suppliers price list.


    Enter the effect Date and if any discount is allowed on each item.


    Click the Close button to save and close this window.

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