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Workstation Setup

    Firstly you will need to run the Veculim Initial Install on your Workstation. Follow the few steps below on how to do this.

    You can go to the Website, and click on the red block " click to begin download" to download the Veculim Install.

    Once the Download is complete you can go to the Downloads folder on your PC and double click on the VeculimInitialInstall.exe to run the download on your PC.

    The following start up screen will appear, click NEXT.



    Make sure to select the "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click Next.




    It will then pop up with the following screen. As a Workstation you will always select "Veculim is already installed on another computer.




    Now you can click on Change to find the Remote path to the Veculim folder that is on the Main PC/Server.


    WS install3

    This is where you go to:


    -Select Main PC




    Once the Path is selected  click on Next.



    Your Install is now complete you can make sure that both boxes are ticked and click on Finish.



    Just before Veculim opens, this window will appear. This will show that you are running of the server. You can just select the box which states " Don't show this window again" and then click on Connect.


    After this your Veculim will open.

    The Old Way

    If you installed Veculim prior to version, then you will need to follow the steps in The Old Way (as shown below).

    For users who installed Veculim after 2015/10/15, run Veculim on the server computer.

    Whilst you are not required to physically install Veculim on a workstation pc, there are a few things that you need to configure. This involves sharing the program and data folders, creating a shortcut and also allowing Veculim through your firewall.


    Sharing the Program folders

    Browse to the program folder on the Main computer where Veculim in currently installed. This should be found in C:\Program Files (x86).




    Then right-click on the Veculim Folder and select Properties. This will then display the Folder properties window.




    Next, select the Sharing Tab and click the Advanced Sharing button. The Advanced Sharing window will then be displayed.




    Tick Share this folder and the share options should become available.

    Click on the Permissions button and the Folder Permissions window should be displayed.




    Make sure that the Everyone group is added and that this group has Full Control.

    Once set, click the OK button on the Folder Permissions window.

    Click OK on the Advanced Sharing window.

    The Folder Properties window will once again be displayed, where you can now see the Network Path displayed.




    Please Note: This is the path that will be used to access the program directory from the workstation computer.

    Please Note: You might need to add the Everyone group in the Security tab as well to enable access.


    Click OK/Close  to close the Folder Properties window.


    Sharing the Data folders


    Browse to the SharedData folder on the Main computer where Veculim in currently installed. This should be found in C:\Program Data\Veculim. If you do not see the ProgramData, type it in in the folder entry (windows hides ProgramData by default) and hit the enter key.




    Then right-click on the SharedData Folder and select Properties. This will then display the Folder properties window.

    Follow the same procedure from step 3 in the above section to share this folder.


    Creating a shortcut from the Workstation


    On the Workstation computer, browse to the Network Path as displayed in step 9 in the Sharing the Program folders section.

    Locate the Veculim.exe file and right-click to display a menu.

    Select Sent To and then Desktop (Create Shortcut).




    A shortcut will now be created on the Workstation's desktop where Veculim can be run from.


    Allow Veculim through the Firewall

    The first time you run Veculim, it may pop up with a Windows Security Alert. Click the Allow access button to give the appropriate access through the firewall.




    Now enter the location of the SharedData folder on the Main computer. In the example below, replace "OPTIMUS" with the name of the main computer.


    Specify whether the computer that you are running Veculim on is the server. If you are running Veculim from a workstation, make sure this check box is not ticked.


    The first time you run Veculim, do not tick the Auto logon check box. First ensure that Veculim opens 100% and on the next run, you can check the Auto login.




    Click Connect and Veculim will open and display the Login screen if multiple users have been configured.


    Veculim can now be run from the Workstation at any time without having to re-configure the above setting again.


    Please note: The Workstation and Main computer can both run Veculim simultaneously.

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