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Moving Veculim to a new Computer

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    Should you need to move the main Veculim Server to another computer, please follow the steps below.


    1. Firstly, make sure that Veculim in installed on the new computer. You can follow the instruction in the Installing Veculim section.


    2. Next, you need to copy the data from the old computer. Browse to the C:\ProgramData\Veculim folder and copy the SharedData folder to a USB drive.

    Please note.  You might not be able to view the PrgramData folder by default as this is a system directory. Should this be the case, please ensure that all hidden folders are being displayed.


    3. On the new computer, navigate to the same C:\ProgramData\Veculim folder and delete the SharedData folder.


    4. Lastly, copy the SharedData folder from the USB drive to the new computer. 


    5. Veculim should now be good to go.


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