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Installing Veculim

    This document illustrates how to implement a new Veculim installation, where Veculim is not installed on any other computers in the panel shop. 

    If you have already installed Veculim on another computer, then following the steps outlined in the Workstation Setup

    Download the latest Veculim release from

    Installing Veculim on your Server/Main Computer

    Once you downloaded and started to run the install, an install wizard will appear with the welcome message.




    Cick Next to proceed and display the License agreement window. Please indicate your acceptance by selecting the appropriate radio button and click Next.




    The default installation path will be displayed and can be changed if you choose to do so. Once the installation path has been specified, please click Next.




    A summary will be displayed for you to review and once satisfied, you can click Next button to begin the installation.




    Once the instalation has completed, select whether to create a Desktop Shortcut and whether you would like to run the application immediately. Then click Finish.





    Next Recommended Step: Registering Veculim

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