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07. General Ledger Codes

    Step 7. Depending on your software level of Veculim, you would be required to configure the General Ledger accounts code. Click on the relevant button and the GL Accounts window will be displayed.




    These accounts need to be configured as they have been set up in Pastel.


    Adding a new GL Account

    If you click on the Insert button to add a new GL Account the following window will be displayed.




    *We are not allowing you to create Accounts in Veculim but rather advise that the Account is created in Pastel or Sage and then imported into Veculim.



    Importing GL account list

    Export the GL account list from Pastel and save to a txt file.

    In Veculim, navigate to the Setup menu and select the Pastel Import icon. The Select a Pastel Import File window will now be displayed.


    Select Pastel Import File


    Select the lookup() button and browse to the location of the Pastel export.txt file.

    Select the Import Type and click the OK button to import.


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