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02. Quote/Job Defaults

    Step 2 is to configure the default labour rates, Markup percentage, etc. Click on the relevant button and the following screen will be displayed.


    Please Note that the following sections are only available in the Professional version of Veculim:

    • Gross Profit Target
    • Default Towing Origin

    Quote and Job Settings

    Labour Rates

    These are the default values the system will use for labour rates for each new quote. Each value may still be changed by the user when creating a new quote. These are not fixed values but merely act as a guideline in the absence of any determined value. You can also set default labour rates for each insurance company which will override these default labour rates values when creating a new quote for that insurance company.

    You also have the option to not show Zero Values on the Quote by ticking the box. If you check this option, then where R0.00 would normally be printed, the area will instead be blank.





    Here is where you can enter the Parts Markup, Paint Markup and Paint Material Cost (as percentage). These are overrideable for each insurance (as with the Labour Rates).



    This is where you can set the default Sundries percentage, maximum amount allowed for sundries and also the Consumables percentage. These are overrideable for each insurance (as with the Labour Rates and Markup).


    Printout Text

    In this window you will be able to enter a disclaimer,certification and/or Clearance certificate Guarantee details (or any other message a user may wish to enter) which will be printed at the bottom of the quote.



    Print/Email Settings

    Complete the options for Printing and Emailing. This includes documentation printouts and emailing of documents different options.



    The number or work bays can also be configured in this window and will allow the system to indicate the workshop capacity and the extent of availablity.






    The Default Towing Origin can be specified in this section and will be used when creating a tow in record. This is useful if your tow-ins generally originate from the same location (like a contracted yard for storage).




    This window is for you to setup a default SMS option for clients used when creating a quote.


    Other Quote Settings

    This window gives you a few options of things to alter as defaults and settings regarding Quotations.




    Job Settings

    This window allows you different options around the settings of the Jobcards. These will be discussed with you during setup if it is done by a Veculim employee.



    Invoice Settings



    - Allow the Registration number to be edited on the Invoice.

    - Invoice Guarantee

    - Dafualt Quote fee


    Program Behaviour




     The option is available to never show the Version notes for the new features.


     This gives you the option to receive orders that were cancelled but might still have been delivered by the Supplier.                                           

    CSI Exports


    Here you are able to specify whether you require CSI. If required, please specify the following:

    • CSI Status: Select the approriate radio button to indicate which CSI format is to be used.
    • Effective date: Specify from which date the CSI is effective from.
    • Email address: Specify the email address to which the CSI report is to be sent.
    • Contact Person: Specify the name of the Contact Person to whom the CSI report is to be sent.



    Once the Quote/Job  Defaults have been configured, please tick the check box on the right of the Quote Default button and move on to the next step.


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