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01. Financial Defaults

    Step 1 is to configure your Financial Defaults. Click on the relevant button and the following window will be displayed.
    Please Note: Options available may vary according to the level of Veculim you have.


    Accounting Exports - Veculim to Pastel

    In this section, you have the ability to enable whether you would require a Pastel export file to be created. It is very important to choose the correct Version for Pastel on the right hand side.

    You can also Setup your Debtor Categories here that correspond with the Categories available in Pastel as well as your Debtor Statement Types.


    Debtor Statement Reference Option

    You can choose to use the Claim/Order No as the reference on the Debtor Statements or Job Details.

    GL Acccounts

    In order to export data from Veculim to Pastel, all the General Ledger codes listed in this section need to be set up correctly. Specify each GL account code as displayed in Pastel, or simply export a list from Pastel and import into Veculim.




    System Status Flags (System Defaults)

    There are multiple system flags that are set when the relevant Reports are printed or exported. With the initial setup, you will not be required to configure anything in this section of this window.


    FinDefaults flags
    Period to display records as current

    Records that have not been accessed or finalised before the amount of months indicated, will be set as dormant. This means that they wil not be seen by default in the browsers, but can be viewed if needed.

    Purchase Control Register

    Set the number of new PCR (Purchase Control Registers) you would like to generate at one time.


    Bank Account Details

    Enter the details of the bank account you wish your customers (debtors) to make payment to. ( You can now enter more than one Bank account)


    You can enter more than one Bank Account by simply clicking on the Bank Accounts Button. This will open up the window for you to add another Bank Account. Simply click on Insert.

    Enter the Description of the Bank Account (Name)
    Bank Name Like FNB, ABSA
    Branch Name
    Bank Account Number & Code
    *Any Bank Account listed can then be added to a specific Debtor Categories if you have already set those up.

    Petty Cash

    Here you can set the Petty Cash Balances. You can choose to lookup the sheet you want to start on and this will bring forth the Balances as shown on that Sheet.


    Enter the date from which the Debtor Receipting module is active.


    - You can enter the VAT month Cycle.
    - Option to enter a Company Start Date
    -Option to enter a Dataset Start date
    Once the Financial Defaults have been configured, check the box on the right of the Financial Defaults button in the Setup Checklist window and move on to the next step.
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