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Get to know Veculim

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    In Veculim, there are several items of interest that could enhance your experience. Listed below, are some good to know facts about Veculim.


    This icon displays a legend to indicate what each record colour / icon means.

    Where ever this icon is displayed at the bottom left of the window, it is an indication that this window is re-sizable.

    Indicates a dormant record. Records that have not been used for 120 days or more, will be changed to dormant and can be viewed if preferred, by clicking this icon.

    Various columns can be arranged in sequence by clicking on the column header. Columns that are selected to sort, will indicate either of these icons as indicated on the left.

    To remove the sort order, simply hold the shift key in and de-select the column.

    Multiple columns can also be selected by holding the ctrl key in and select the columns in sequence of sorting.

    The following buttons indicate a pop up, where you can select the relevant record details.

    You can choose to type in the required details, by entering the text in in the text box, and drop down list will appear with the possible selections.

    When the X is clicked, the text box will be cleared and all records displayed again.

    When the ˅ is clicked, a drop down list of possible selections will be displayed.

    When the  is clicked, the window will be displayed, allowing you to search for and select the required details.

    The help button will re-direct you to the relevant self-help page where you are guided step for step.

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