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Internal Costing

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    The second type of costing that gets done is the Internal costing. This Costing is for Internal use and is a very valuable Tool to get an idea of any Extras, Savings, Higher Landed Prices, Lower landed Prices etc that were added to this job,  but at this stage it is also a good checkpoint in Veculim as you will then pick up if anything is missing or wrong on the system. (Concerning that specific Job)

    This can also be done from the Costing menu.


    Click on the Internal Costing button and the Internal Costing Options window will be displayed.



    Select the Job card for which you would like to do the internal costing.


    At this point you can select to do one of the following reports.

    Costing Variance Report. This report will only need to be produced if there are Savings, Extras or Higher/Lower landed prices of parts loaded on the job.

    Purchases Details. Contains all purchasing details.

    Returns for Credits. Contains all details pertaining to returns for credits done on the selected job.

    Display Costing Audit. A list of parts on the Specific Job detailing all pricing and higher or lower landed details. Use this screen to confirm price adjustments of parts.

    Display Stock issues. This report details any stock issues that you might have had for this job.


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