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Excel Costing

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    The Excel Costing would be the Costing you use to send to the Insurance Company for their records.


    Once in the Costing Menu, click on the Excel Costing button and the Excel Job Costing Sheet window will be displayed.


    Select the Jobcard for which you would like to do the costing for.

    Now select the Excel Model Sheet and click the Ok button to load the Create EXCEL Format Job Costing Sheet window.


    Here you can review all Agreed Items as well as Additional Items that have been captured for the selected job. 

    Any adjustments with regards to quantity recieved and prices can be made at this point.

    Click the Write to Excel button.

    Then the below warning will be displayed confirming that you have made all ammendments.


    Click the Yes button to display the location of the saved file. 


    You can click on the link provided to open the file location.

    Click on the Ok button to export the costing sheet.


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