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Petty Cash Schedules

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    Petty Cash transactions can be captured within Veculim to keep track of cash receipted and paid. This is done using the Petty Cash Schedules icon in the Accounting Menu. Once clicked, the Update Petty Cash Schedules window will be displayed.

    PC Schedules

    Here you can close off Petty cash sheets, create new ones, add Petty Cash transaction and view the transaction allocation details.

    If you already opened a New sheet you will have to Close Off that Sheet in order to create a New one. The Petty Cash Sheets are usually date bound so all the receipts and payments for that period will be entered on that sheet.

    Creating a New Petty Cash Sheet:


    New PC Sheet


    Veculim will bring forward the balance of the Petty Cash left from the previosly closed sheet. Make sure the Date the Sheet is opened is what you want and when satisfied click OK.


    Inserting a Petty cash Payment Slip

    In the Update Petty Cash Schedules window, click on the Insert button. This will display the Petty Cash Payment slip window.


    Enter all relevant information remembering that the red fields are all required fields and the blue fields are automatically generated by the system.

    Select the transaction type, account type, amount allocation and Ledger account number.


    Once all information has been completed, click the Ok button to add the transaction to the Petty cash Schedule list.


    Close Off a Petty Cash Sheet:


    On this window you will see the Balance brought forward onto this sheet, the cash received, amount Paid out and the Balance carried forward.

    Make sure the date on which you wish to close off the sheet is entered and then click OK.

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