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Petty Cash Codes (GL Codes)

    Petty Cash Ledger Accounts will be used for all Petty Cash Transactions. Here you can insert which General Ledger Accounts will be used for your Petty Cash. Please remember to make sure the accounts you create will link up with your Pastel General Ledger accounts.



    Petty Cash Codes (GL Codes)


    Insert Petty Cash Account Codes

    Select the +Insert button, Click in the GL Acc No coloumn.

    Click on the .....

    It will bring up a screen to select your GL Account code.





    Select the Account you wish to use and click Select.

    Once you click TAB, the rest of the information will appear for the account. (Account Name & Category)


    Should you wish to Change any account, click on the Change button. To Remove an Account click Remove.

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