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Accounting Imports

    Veculim integrates with your accounting system and therefore we can import your Debtors, Creditors and GL Accounts from your accounting system to Veculim when the Veculim Financial Setup is being done.

    This procedure might be different for both Pastel and SageOne users so we will do both entries separately.

    Imports from Pastel


    Click on the Import button which will display the following



    After Exporting the different required batches from Pastel, you can import them into Veculim. Just choose the file by clicking on the button  and then select what it is you are importing. Debtors, Creditors or GL Account.

    Each of these need to be Imported separately.


    Imports from SageOne

    Please Note: Options available may vary according to the level of Veculim you have.
    It is important to get your sage one user login and password correct. If it is incorrect, then SageOne locks you out of automatic integration platform for 24 hours.
    Click on the Import button after entering the correct user and password login details. This will display the following window
    After linking with Sage this should happen automatically. If not, you can click on the Get company ID block and then go down the list according to what you wish to Import from SageOne.

    Note: When you Import Debtors, please note that you are creating only the Debtor accounts on Veculim as you have them on Pastel or SageOne. You will still need to create the linked Customer, Company and Insurance entries.

    This can be done by making use of the Bulk Create feature on the Debtors window.


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