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Accounting Imports

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    1. 1. SageOne Import Setup

    Veculim integrates with your accounting system ensuring any financial transaction captured in Veculim gets exported to your accounting system, like Pastel or SageOne, which eliminates manual recapturing like double entries typing errors.

    For Pastel: the transactions that are entered in Veculim can all be exported in txt format and then Imported into Pastel. You have the option to do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is up to the client to decide when the exports will be done.

    For SageOne: transactions that are entered in Veculim are uploaded automatically into SageOne if your PC is online. If not, transactions are stored and will be automatically batch updated when next the PC is online (and Veculim is running).

    In order to get these transactions exporting to your accounting system, it is critical that the accounting settings in Veculim are correct in order to match to what the accounting system is expecting.

    Each accounting system is different. Click here for SageOne Setup

    SageOne Import Setup

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