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Accounting Ex/Im

    One of the selling points of Veculim is that it integrates with your accounting system, Pastel which eliminates the double entries.

    The transactions that are entered in Veculim can all be exported in txt format and then Imported into the accounting system. You have the option to do this on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. It is up to the client to decide when the exports will be done.

    Some of the Exports done is the Debtor records, Creditor records, Sales entries (Invoices & credit Notes), Purchasing entries (GRV and RFC), any Petty Cash schedules and customer Journals.

    Just to give you a bettr indication of which Export is linked to which Import into Pastel we have listed the names below:

    Veculim Export File Name Pastel Import File Name
    Debtors Export Customer Accounts
    Creditors Export Supplier Accounts
    Invoices Export Customer: Sales
    Credit Notes Export Customer: Sales Credits
    CustomerJournals Export Customer: Customer Journals
    PCRs Receipts Export Supplier: Purchases
    PCRs Returns Export Supplier: Purchase Returns
    StockIssueVoucher Export General Journal
    Petty Cash Payment Export Cash Books: Petty Cash Control

    On the PRO Level you will be able to do all theExports.

    On the PLUS Level you will only export the Debtors, Creditors and Sales records.

    These are all exported from the same window in Veculim so there is no need to go to a specific tab and then export from there.

    We will be discussing the Exporting process in detail.

    Navigate to the Export Tab and select Accounting Exports. The following window will be brought up.


    Ons this window you will see all the options mentioned above that can be Exported.

    Let's start with the exporting of the Debtors and Creditors and how to Import them.

    Debtors and Creditors

    To Export the Debtors from the screen above simply click on the Export Debtor block at the top. This will create a DebtorsExport.txt file in your Export folder and is also shown in the block on the right hand side.

    Do the same for the Creditors and the screen wil now look as follows where they will both be disabled as Veculim is showing you that you already did the Export for these records.

    DebCred export

    With Debtors and Creditors exported you will be able to view them in the Export folder as shown below.

    (The pathway will usually be: C: ProgramData: Veculim: SharedData: Live: Export)



    You will see highlighted the two exported records.

    Moving on to the Importing part you will need to open your Pastel.

    Navigate to the Fil Tab and in the Menu select Export/Import function

    This will open a different screen for you.


    On the left hand side  choose a funtion to perform in which case you will choose:

    Import Customer Accounts for Debtors

    Import Supplier accounts for Supplier/Creditors

    On the right hand side you will go and select the exported txt file from Veculim.

    Once you have done that then it is very important to go and untick the checkbox - Map Fields before clicking on Process button.


    When you click Process you will see it will scan and Import the data.


    Sales details and PCR Details Export

    On the Pastel File Export Menu screen you will now be able to select the records you wish to export. All these records are exported in the same manner so we will do two examples to give you a better idea of how it works.

    Export Sales (Invoices & Credit Notes) - Simply click on the icon in the grey block next to the description. This will bring up a Export Information block for you to display the records Veculim will create and save in the Export folder. You can click on OK.

    This will then bring up both the Invoices and Credit Notes preview which is useful to print so you can compare what is imported to what you exported from Veculim.

    Once you are done you can view the records created in the Export folder as well as in the block with file Path and Name.

    InvCredN export


    The file status will now show as Exported and you can move on.

    If you move to the Export PCRs (Receipts and Returns) - CLick on the icon next to the description to export the files. It will also bring up the Information pop up and if you click OK the previews will be shown and then exports will display in the block as well as in Export folder.

    To Import these files into Pastel however is a little bit different from the Debtors and Creditors.

    Let's work through these steps.

    To Import the Sales and PCR files Navigate to the Process Tab in Pastel and select Journals.

    Next choose an Entry Type these will be as follows:

    Import Invoices - Click on the + sign next to Customer and then select Sales

    Import Credit Notes - Sales Credits


    Import PCR Receipts (Goods Received) - click on the + next to Supplier and select Purchases

    Import RFCs (Goods returned) - Purchases returns



    Once you are done make sure to select the correct period with the drop down menu on the left hand side


    Then at the bottom of the screen click on the Batch button and select Import. This will bring up the Export/Import screen for you and you now need to select the file you wish to import.


    When you are done click on Process.


    The Importing of the records work the same, it is just the selection of files which will differ.

    Once all the Imports have been done you can view it in the Journal window on Pastel.

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