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Accounting Calendar

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    The various accounting calendar data files created and maintained in this procedure are vital in controlling the dates used by the system and are used to ensure that no dates are permitted outside a specific accounting period.


    Acc Calendar


    The following information is available in this window.

    • Accounting Years. The accounting years entered and displayed here should correspond with your company financial periods (i.e. If your accounting year runs from 1 Mar to end Feb of each year then the accounting year for the period 1 March 2014 - 28 February 2015 will be year 2015)
    • Accounting Months. Each month in the accounting year will be given a unique month number, corresponding with the month number of the year (i.e. March, being the 1st month will be 2015-01)
    • Set Current Accounting Period. Using the Set Current Accounting Period button, you may go back to a previous period or advance to specific period. This is most commonly used when a new user starts using the Veculim system mid-year and wants to set the current period.
    • Workshop Days.The Workshop Days list is used to determine actual work days in each month. This is so as to count the days allowed for a job using the available work days to determine the estimated time of completion/delivery date accurately.  The user can change any day to set it up as a public holiday or as a day the shop is closed for business. Simply double click on the day "Type" and select Holiday or Closed.
    • Current Default Data. This section displays the current period. Invoices will not be allowed to be raised within dates outside of this period as the system tracks sales by accounting month.
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